Turkey in Photos: Part II

Turkey in Photos Part II, final part. Advertisements

Turkey in photos: Part I

I’m not going to bore you with words. Here’s my fave pics from Turkey. PART I. Pergamum View from Pergamum The elusive Trojan Horse. What’s left of Troy. One of MANY stray animals. SO cute, but don’t touch 🙂 How they gather silk for Turkish rugs. So many gorgeous rugs. View from the bar, apparently … Continue reading


I realize I haven’t written in my blog at all for MONTHS. And the worst part is I stopped right in the middle of my posts for my trip. That’s what I do, I never really follow through and I just push things aside and close my eyes trying to pretend they’re not there. It … Continue reading


It’s been a bit since my last post, since I was off in Vegas, which is too tiring. I’ll try to make the remaining posts more frequent so the story of my trip doesn’t drag on! On the Official Day 1 we set off from Istanbul at around 7:30AM. I soon realized that I’d have … Continue reading


Flying and Arriving So I took the 6:30AM flight out of LAX and landed in JFK where I met up with a few fellow Contiki people who were flying in from SJC. Flying to JFK was the easy part, it was the waiting for 3 hours as our flight was delayed because of a closed … Continue reading

European Extravaganza – Guest post!

I’m leaving for my trip to Turkey…so I’ll be MIA for a bit. Here’s  a guest post from an awesome writer, fashionista and now world traveler, Michelle Tung. Check out her amazing fashion blog: SF Bay Style This past month I had the trip of a lifetime. My dream place: EUROPE! Contiki? Trafulgar? Topdeck? I decided … Continue reading

Countdown and packing

Countdown – 1 WEEK left!!!! OMG. I can’t believe it, only 7 days left. It feels as if I’ve over planned everything and so much ahead of time, that I have nothing left to do now but pack! There have been a few updates and changes of plans on the way: 1. I met up … Continue reading

Paris Paris Paris and the things I’ve figured out so far.

The video above is what I think must be every girls dream about what Paris is like. I don’t know if it’s real, but it definitely puts you in the mood. It’s gorgeous! I have spent the last few weeks learning as much French as I can and as much about Paris as I can, … Continue reading

The ups and downs of travel planning

I finally booked my flight! Everything is so last-minute it is completely against my nature. It makes me nervous and yet the gambling/risk aspect of it is very exhilarating! I read tons of blog posts, looked at all the best flight finder and settled on the following sites: Kayak.com gathers the most up to date flights, … Continue reading

Moving forward to Paris…and Istanbul?!?

I recently started reading this AMAZING book called the 4 hour work week. I recommend anyone who thinks there’s more than one way to life should DEFINITELY read this. Few of my favorite comments: The manifesto of the dealmaker is simple. Reality is negotiable. Outside of science and law, all rules can be bent or … Continue reading