Bucket List

My bucket list of travel!

    1. New Years in Times Sqre, Ball Drop completed Dec 2010/Jan 2011
    2. PARIS completed Oct 2010
    3. See the Blue Mosque and Underground Cistern completed Sept 2010
    4. Experience days of food coma completed April/May 2012
    5. Zip Lining/Surfing in Costa Rica completed May 2011
    6. Venice Canals
    7. Tomatino festival in Spain
    8. New Years in a different time zone
    9. Take a boat ride in the Amazon
    10. Ride on a Glacier completed Sept 2012
    11. Cherry Blossoms in Japan completed March 2013
    12. Oktoberfest in Germany
    13. Some outdoor concert festoutside lands?
    14. Live in a hut in Bali completed April 2012
    15. Ride an elephant in India/Thailand completed April 2012
    16. Taj Mahal
    17. Experience Holi!
    18. Safari in South Africa
    19. Visit my sponsor kid, Alain, in Domincan Republic
    20. Visit all the Disneys in the world
    21. See Harry Potter world in Florida
    22. Belgium fries, waffles and chocolate
    23. Dubai
    24. Real Thai food in Thailand and Krabi island completed April 2012
    25. Argentina to Antarctica
    26. Volunteer Vacation
    27. Prague Adventure
    28. Drink my way through a few vineyards – Tuscany/Bordeaux?
    29. London 2013?

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