How travel inspires me


There are an infinite number of reasons for why people travel. I’m sure after a certain point it’s become a cliché. To see the world, to meet new people, to learn new things, etc.

Well let me tell you why I do it and how it inspires me.

I do it because it makes me uncomfortable. That sounds totally weird, right? I used to be a shy child, apparently, I didn’t speak a much during school until I was in 2nd/3rd grade and my teachers actually told my parents they thought something was wrong with me mentally. It turns out I was just scared, all the time. And I still get scared all the time, but more like a normal person now, of things like failure or scrutiny. So I see travel like jumping off a cliff. Don’t think so much about it, not how much it might be scary to go some place new where the food tastes different and I can’t communicate with the people. I just do it because I know in hindsight I’ll always thank myself and it’s always turns out to be true. I find that pushing myself out of my comfort zone makes me less shy and it makes life unforgettable. And yeah, sitting in coach for 15 hours is uncomfortable but it’s worth it once I get there.


Travel inspires me to achieve unfathomable greatness; it forces me to think outside of the box. The moment I see something new, like the Kuala Lumpur towers, that’s when I see that there is more life out in the world. Amazing things that amazing people created. It allows me to see that unfathomable greatness is all around me, but that I can’t see it staying in my home, living in the same square meter of area, eating at the same restaurants, talking to the same people forever. I met a woman in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, who ran her own hostel. My first closed-minded thought was why the heck would she want to do that? Then I talked to her, like really talked to her about life, all the people she’d met and why she did this. And then I got it. She she had the foresight to see that greatness existed beyond what she thought she knew. In her life now she meets people from all over the world, she’s her own boss and she has titillating conversations all the time, everyday. Growing up I was never told it was okay to create your own life. I was taught to study, to go to college, get a great job and then get married and have kids. I still want those things, but now on my own terms. I can do fascinating things with this one life that I have to live and I plan on it.


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