Craziest thing that happened

So I thought I’d start my posts out, not just telling you what happened, but rather the moments that I remember most and then add in some “here’s what happened” posts.

People always ask for the most interesting stories, because they make great conversation pieces. People don’t really want to hear about every mundane moment of the trip, not about the tiresome bus ride you took or the lonely hobos on the street. Interesting travel stories spark a glisten in peoples eyes and oftentimes burns a memory into their brains. So here’s mine. To the benefit of the readers, I will spruce it up a bit, but please know it seems more dramatic than it was…or wasn’t it?

Unfortunately, as a noob, I didn’t capture any photographs of the moment, only the before, where of course everything is all good.

I met a British woman that day, Sara, at the Bhatu Caves (more on this another time). She was an IT contract worker, who traveled from job to job on her own! As you can tell I had a major girl crush on her, she was living my dream. She told me about how the Brits got 7 weeks of vacation a year, of all the wonderful places she visited and of how one year, her office was actually in the Kuala Lumpur towers.

Of course meeting a stranger can also lead to trouble, but really it wasn’t Sara’s fault. It was already previously announced that there would be a “peaceful riot” on that day. Loads of people dressed in yellow shirts were meeting in the town center to show the government that they needed to change. It was a huge deal, so of course, I ran from that and went to the Bhatu Caves an hour away to avoid any trouble. That’s me, run from danger. I’ve seen enough movies, I know what happens to the curious cats. They DIE.

However, after meeting Sara, she suggests we find these great historical building in Kuala Lumpur, because the riots were “definitely” long over. We even asked the security guards who nodded yes, in retrospect they probably did not understand our English. We come to find that these buildings are government buildings in the center of the closed off riot area, of course! So what do we do? We give up and go for Chinese. See how happy I was?



The moment we step out of the restaurant, people are screaming and running. It’s like the sequence when Godzilla is coming down the street. Like idiots we just stand there confused. It’s not until we feel the stinging, burning and uncontrollable pain that we run. I’ll always regret that hesitation. I never felt this feeling before. Sara has it worse, here face is turning red, her eyes cannot open and we are still running. Finally we stop in a stall, she pours water from her bottle into our sweatshirts and we pat our faces uncontrollably. It hurts like hell. I see a man kneeling on the floor crying as his wife sprays his face with a hose. It was terrifying. We managed to run to the outer border of the scary area and the pain subsides.

What can we do but laugh out of shock? Never in her travels had she encountered this. Sara decides shes exhausted from this experience. No shit! We part ways and agree to meet at the subway stop for the towers that night…

Here’s the news report on it, it seems much worse, thankfully I encountered no violence. What was supposed to be peaceful could not be controlled, because it is human nature to react. I may be a cynic, but I find it impossible to believe that they expected this large group of protestors to be peaceful. Seriously. That’s what I learned from this, don’t be so naive.


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