How travel blew my mind

I’ve been back for a month already and I haven’t written a word until now. Frankly, it was because coming back from traveling was too surreal. After I was back, I didn’t know what to feel or how to react. I simply went from traveling to not traveling and my brain couldn’t recognize the change or decide what to do with it. So here I am, after a month, finally deciding to reflect on my trip, hoping that this will give me some sense of direction or clarity.

The first and most obvious lesson I gathered was that travel expands the mind. Not just expanded but BLEW it out of its tiny existence into a giant land of possibilities. People say that travel expands your horizons, well that is quite an understatement. It does more than open your eyes, it completely changes how you see things, how you decide to live and how you perceive life as a whole.

This is why I came back from travel and literally did not know what to do next. When I was traveling, every day was a new and exciting adventure. My motto was “See Everything, Do Everything and Live.” I suddenly saw life for what it could be, this vastly unique and gigantic thing, that I could mold and be molded by. But real life, the settled down life that I had left before this trip and have now come back to is not like my traveling life. This life feels smaller. I don’t say this because it’s a bad place, I mean to say that how I felt while traveling, how I lived while traveling, does not translate as easily once I’m in one place, with new expectations and limitations.

It’s not like traveling was always perfect, I definitely had my really great and really awful days. There were days where I felt I might break down because travel was too exhausting. Yet for the majority of it, I felt satisfied and happy. Every meal, every new person I met, every sight I saw was something that I learned and grew from.

So did two months change me? More than I thought it would. It’s hard to describe, it’s not that I am now a different person, it’s more like I had a change in heart. I wish I could say I gained clarity from it, but rather it made me question everything and left me confused, more so than when I had been before. My mind is now more of an open box, disorganized and disheveled. Certain things are clear, like I had an amazing experience and I want to see more of the world than I had ever wanted to before. Other things, like where to go from here and what to do now, are not so clear.

So I leave you with this, a promise of pictures and stories of everything that I witnessed and maybe by thinking about it and reflecting on it, I’ll know where to go next.

Kuta Beach in Bali, looks pristine doesn’t it? 🙂

Nusa Dua, Bali, as you can see this view is breathtaking and this monkey sure knows how to live the life

No words can describe HOW beautiful Singapore is as a city

White Temple Thailand, Modern architecture beauty, mesmerizing

Golden temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand, GORGEOUS


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