Ugh I know Costa Rica was a Million years ago

So I know its been FOREVER and Costa Rica feels like a faint memory, but here I am back to blog about it. I was mostly not blogging because I was lazy and because I still can’t find the camera thingee to upload my photos. I suck I know. I have also been so busy and lacking of funds that I strongly considered ending the blog for good. But then I thought, NO, I can’t because that would mean I would probably also stop traveling and I just can’t do that. I have been to so many new countries in the last two years, for some people it would fulfill a lifetime. But not enough for me, so I just can’t stop.

Instead I’m starting to think about where I want to go for two weeks in October. Originally it was going to be Taiwan and Japan, since those plans got postponed earlier this year, but the plans to go with my mom in October fell through when she got laid off. Again it’s selfish of me to feel bad about my own trip so I won’t be bothering her with that. So I decided to go back to traveling somewhere solo for two weeks which has always been a dream of mine. Just don’t know where yet.

So back to Costa Rica. I’m just giving my general impression of it for now but surprisingly it contradicts what everyone thinks of it. Basically I wouldn’t say I loved it. Zip lining was awesome but not the 5 hour drive up a mountain on an unpaved and nauseatingly bumpy uphill narrow road. We totally forgot the GPS and traveled through a country that has rarely any roadsigns using a map and what my friend Michelle refers to as her “Animal Instincts”. I was skeptical but I guess it works. The food was extremely overpriced. At one restaurant we paid $60 total for a so so meal including drinks and a pineapple pie slice that was definitely still thawing. Sadly, it was the slow season so there were also barely any people around. So unlike our usual trips, we didn’t come across anyone interesting.

The upsides? The weather wasn’t awful. Although, it never made ANY sense because it would rain for 30 seconds and then just stop. The scenery from our hotel room was to die for. Luckily, all my research paid off because our hotels were one of the really great pluses of the trip. I swam in some wonderful pools with frogs and all. Absolute best part of the trip were the fruit smoothies, they have the freshest most wonderful fruit I have ever tasted in my life.

I think perhaps it was the Pura Vida motto for Costa Rica where I had the biggest struggle. I tried really hard towards the end of the trip to embrace this idea of just go with it and love life but perhaps the city girl inside of me just wouldn’t give in. The nature and the slow pace just didn’t do it for me perhaps. At times I wanted to embrace the lifestyle and just surf like a bum all day. But that didn’t quite happen. I couldn’t decide if this live life motto was what made the environment so messy and confusing or if it made the people happier and more relaxed. I did try to breathe it all in and repeat the mantra when I was getting pulled over by cops twice in the same hour…more about that later.

Anyways….more to come. I’ll try to find my photos.



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