Planning Costa Rica – 2 weeks and counting




I’ll be off to Costa Rica on May 12, sooner than it seems!  It’ll be just us two girls, me and my good friend Michelle.

It’s going to be another one of those trips where I planned out the itinerary thanks to excel 🙂 but will end up with us just sort of going with the flow, those are the best!

So far I booked all the hotels, the rental car (we’re driving like 20 hours total around Costa Rica), flights and am either going to book ziplining now or when we get there.

This whole trip is going to be self led and it is going to be quite an adventure! Originally, I was thinking I would just bring a back pack, and mostly just wear my swimsuit and shorts all the time, but I figured, this is a RELAXING vaca, not a real backpacking trip, like it will be in Italy in September, so I splurged and got check in, at least I’ll be able to bring any emergency items that I always forget, like bug spray and sunscreen!

Here’s our itinerary so far:

  Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue
  LA Monteverde Tamarindo Tamarindo Nosara/Samara San Jose San Jose
8:00 AM             Leave for Airport
9:00 AM     Early morning Zipline SURF LESSON!! DRIVE along the western coast DRIVE  
10:00 AM          
11:00 AM       Jet Ski?? Ferry across Peninsula  
12:00 PM   Arrive SJO         Flight out of SJO
1:00 PM   Rental Car pick up     Stop at a natural reserve    
2:00 PM   DRIVE DRIVE   See Turtles Hotel Presidente  
3:00 PM        
4:00 PM          
5:00 PM     Lodge Las Ranas Explore the City  
6:00 PM Leave for LAX          
7:00 PM   Cabanas Los Pinos Villa Andalucia Bed & Breakfast        
8:00 PM          
9:00 PM Depart LAX            
10:00 PM   NIGHT HIKE!!! Beach Party        
11:00 PM              
12:00 AM              

Hopefully everything will be AMAZING!!! Here’s a preview of some of the sites we’ll see:



Tamarindo Beach surfers
Tamarindo Beach
San Jose city


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