I realize I haven’t written in my blog at all for MONTHS. And the worst part is I stopped right in the middle of my posts for my trip. That’s what I do, I never really follow through and I just push things aside and close my eyes trying to pretend they’re not there. It makes life so much easier to handle. But I think this blog is too important for me to just give up and I have strayed faaaar from finding my way to serendipity. Right now I’m more on the border of limbo and nowhere.

2010 was like a blur, I’m not really even sure what happened. It felt like a really LONG year and uneventful, even though I rang in the new year at NYC, drove all through New Zealand and went on my first solo tour through Turkey and Paris. Sounds more eventful than it seemed.

My new years resolution was to make this year an exciting one, but I think I have no idea what that means to me. I can’t say it’s been a bad year so far. I’ve absorbed myself more in work and tried to learn everything that I can about the investment world, I work out and feel good mentally and I continue to absorb myself in TV and books. Currently, I’m reading Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & other stories and am discovering Battlestar Galactica.

I guess I’m rambling on because I’m not sure yet what I learned from 2010 or where 2011 is leading. I have decided at least on some of my 2011 trips. Of course I’m going to finish posting my Turkey and Paris pics/stories before I even delve into this years trips. Tentatively, Italy in March, Costa Rica in April and somewhere in September potentially South America or Spain and a quicky adventure for New Years, maybe Amsterdam? First things first. Finish posting Turkey/Paris and then chronicle my adventures in learning to surf.

For now, here are some favorite pics from my last trip, I’ll post more this week, phew and finally it’ll all be posted:

Basilica Cistern (from the Bachelorette), the whole reason I went to Turkey was to see this beauty and that it was 🙂

Hagia Sophia, it was breathtaking.

Pamukkale, looks like snow but its not its calcium deposits in sediment. aka white looking rocks

City of Lights!

Nuit Blanche 2010.

THE absolute best part of my trip, VERSAILLES.

Marie Antoinettes Cottages and farm, like a fairytale.


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