Countdown and packing

Countdown – 1 WEEK left!!!! OMG.

I can’t believe it, only 7 days left. It feels as if I’ve over planned everything and so much ahead of time, that I have nothing left to do now but pack!

There have been a few updates and changes of plans on the way:

1. I met up with fellow travelers on FB so now I’m meeting up with Tara, Mallory and Mallory all from Nor Cal in JFK to fly to Istanbul. I also planned ahead and booked private transport because I don’t want to deal with getting ripped off by taxis, lines or haggling. At least they’ll be sending us a personal driver in air-conditioned Mercedes van for only 20 EUR divided by 4 people, I’d say that’s pretty awesome.

2. My madre is now going to be in Paris for 4 of the 5 days I’ll be there which is GREAT cuz now I get to stay in a hotel, but bad because I won’t get to experience hostel life, I guess another time in the future. Paris’ hostel choices really weren’t great anyways. I’d rather see some of the more unique hostels in Amsterdam or Germany. I also won’t technically be SOLO anymore…but she has to work so I’ll be sightseeing solo in the day time which is close enough for now…

3. Couchsurfing, now irrelevant, didn’t work out so well. It’s hard when you have a planned schedule to work around someone else’s schedule. It has been an experience talking to people on couchsurfing, giving them info on LA and seeing who asks to surf on my couch. I did send out a few requests to people in Paris to see if they’d want to meet up, but there have been no responses so far. They also do have a quiz night on MONDAY in Montmartre at a local bar, maybe I’ll check it out…

Packing wise, I’m such a light packer, I realized yesterday that I was even over packing in my carry on black and white polka dot suitcase. I was considering downsizing to an even smaller one, but then I realized if I’m not staying at a hostel I can afford to travel through Turkey and Paris IN STYLE. Not the kind of trip I originally had in mind, but interesting nonetheless.

I’ll post again soon when I depart  and I’ll have a few guest posts in the meantime!

2 Responses to “Countdown and packing”
  1. Yay, congratulations! I am so excited for you! How funny, as I read this, there are two French men next to me in the cafe I’m at. Keep the posts up! And let me know if you need any guidance in Paris. Be careful in Montmartre though, I would be hesitant to go there at night, it was unsafe when I was there as a girl.

    • antheabyday says:

      thanks! What were your favorite things in Paris? Yeah I heard that Montemartre can be unsafe at night there, I was reading about it in women traveling solo. I think I’ll mostly avoid going out at night alone unless it’s for a short distance.

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