Paris Paris Paris and the things I’ve figured out so far.

The video above is what I think must be every girls dream about what Paris is like. I don’t know if it’s real, but it definitely puts you in the mood. It’s gorgeous!

I have spent the last few weeks learning as much French as I can and as much about Paris as I can, to the point where it has become more of an obsession and a tiresome one at that. So I thought I’d share.

The phrases I’ve memorized the best:

Je ne parle pas tres bien le Francais – I don’t speak French very well.

Je voudrais un ticket a Paris, si’l vous plais – I’d like a ticket to Paris, please

Merde – Shit (they say that in the movies a lot)

Things to remember and bring for Paris:

  1. When in doubt wear black.
  2. Umbrella, it’ll probably rain
  3. At least attempt to say Bonjour, Madame/Monsieur
  4. WALK a lot, so good shoes but stylish ones
  5. Try at least not to look like a tourist, fanny pack, sneakers and all
  6. Baguettes out of the oven are the BOMB
  7. If you want a Crepe make sure you watch them make it FRESH
  8. Memorize the phrase for tap water or you’re gonna go broke, or wine is cheaper than bottled water

I’ve planned out a vague outline of what I hope to see in Paris in the 4.5 days since I have to make the most of it. There’s no real planning needed for Turkey since Contiki will take care of that. I am realizing that makes it less of a cultural experience and makes me seem more like a herded sheep. But it’s my first time traveling alone and it’ll give me a good perspective one which I prefer, group tours or solo ventures.

Day 1, October 2

Arrive Paris at noon after loooong week in Turkey

Venture via RER B train and metro to Place d’Italie right by Oops! hostel -> I decided on this one since it has a good location, and so far, in my attempts to find a couch to stay at via couchsurfers, I’ve been rejected 2/3 times and still no answer from the third. It’s harder than it looks!

Walk directly to the Eiffel tour, stopping at Rue Mofftard to get baguette and cheese for lunch.

Spend early evening exploring Arc de Triomph and the Champs E’lysee

AMAZINGLY, that very night is Nuit Blanche, where artists have free exhibits all over city from 8PM to 7AM, for the serious artists its a night of awe inspiring exhibits, and from what I hear, for the younguns it’s a night of drinking and exploring the streets

Barely sleep…

Day 2, October 3

Wake up to go to the FREE Museum Sunday, attempt to visit as many places as possible starting 8AM = LONG LINES

the Louvre, Musee L’Orange, Musee D’Orsay…

Drop down dead tired for a nap before dinner

Grab food, perhaps le Crepe and dish out 12 EUR for a boat ride on the Seine

Day 3, October 4

Free Day

Try many of the FREE tours offered by: New Europe, Discovery Walks or City Free tour

I also arranged for a Parisian Global Greeter, volunteers in Paris who show you around the city for an hour or two, more chances to speak to real Parisians!

Finally get up the guts to have lunch at a sidewalk cafe and act like I’m meant to be in Paris

Get dolled up and visit a real Jazz club 🙂

Day 4, October 5

Wake up SUPER early again and venture off to Versailles

The Fat Tire bike tour starts at a gruesome 8AM. I’ll meet the group in Paris, get a bike and take the RER C to Versailles, where we’ll pick up our lunch at a market and spend 8 HOURS in Versailles 🙂 Rather pricey for 70 EUR but when will I EVER get to say I biked around a Chateau for the day??

Drop down and nap

Final night out on the town, check out night life in the Latin Quarter

Day 5, October 6

Check out

Venture to Montemarte perhaps or any last places I haven’t seen

Last lunch in Paris, sadness

Metro and RER B back to CDG airport

Fly to LA at 4:30PM

I have yet to figure out how much this is all going to cost me, but with no luck so far on couchsurfing… we’ll just have to see

Movies seen so far:


Forget Paris


Passport to Paris

Paris Je’Taime

2 Days in Paris

Love Songs

Le Doublure

2 Responses to “Paris Paris Paris and the things I’ve figured out so far.”
  1. Brian Campos says:

    I didn’t know that you were gonna be in Paris for 5 days!!! That’s so exciting!!! Gosh I’m so jealous. I can’t wait to read this blog next month when it’s all filled with your entries about your adventures.

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