How travel inspires me

There are an infinite number of reasons for why people travel. I’m sure after a certain point it’s become a cliché. To see the world, to meet new people, to learn new things, etc. Well let me tell you why I do it and how it inspires me. I do it because it makes me … Continue reading

Japan by Instagram

I haven’t been able to download all my pics yet for Japan, it was the most amazing experience especially with it being cherry blossom season!

Craziest thing that happened

So I thought I’d start my posts out, not just telling you what happened, but rather the moments that I remember most and then add in some “here’s what happened” posts. People always ask for the most interesting stories, because they make great conversation pieces. People don’t really want to hear about every mundane moment … Continue reading


Bali, Beautiful, Bali

Only spent a week here but wow did I love it, Bali has a kind of serenity and happiness to it. Just posting pics for now, more to come! Mostly I want you to see the images and create a vision of what you think Bali would be like…

Jakarta and its gigantic gap

Jakarta, Indonesia was a fun but strange place to visit. Though, it was a bit of a culture shock because it had a large gap between the rich and the poor, but much worse than any of the southeast Asian countries I visited. Upon arrival, the first thing I noticed was the Muslim influence signified … Continue reading

How travel blew my mind

I’ve been back for a month already and I haven’t written a word until now. Frankly, it was because coming back from traveling was too surreal. After I was back, I didn’t know what to feel or how to react. I simply went from traveling to not traveling and my brain couldn’t recognize the change … Continue reading

Ugh I know Costa Rica was a Million years ago

So I know its been FOREVER and Costa Rica feels like a faint memory, but here I am back to blog about it. I was mostly not blogging because I was lazy and because I still can’t find the camera thingee to upload my photos. I suck I know. I have also been so busy … Continue reading

Planning Costa Rica – 2 weeks and counting

Monteverde   I’ll be off to Costa Rica on May 12, sooner than it seems!  It’ll be just us two girls, me and my good friend Michelle. It’s going to be another one of those trips where I planned out the itinerary thanks to excel 🙂 but will end up with us just sort of … Continue reading